Bicton Baths – A Great Family Day Out

Bicton Baths Beach Days out

Bicton Baths Jetty Days Out

Beach at bicton baths Days Out

Bicton Baths Jump Days Out

Quite often we get caught up with a desire to escape the city for a weekend. Relax, unwind and refresh ourselves for the impending week ahead.

With our mindset completely focused on the great city escape, we also quite often overlook some great little spots right here on our very doorstep, and what wonderful discoveries can be made.

I'm not ashamed to say I'd never heard of Bicton Baths until very recently. It's easy to fall back on regular family favorite days out that we quite often miss the undiscovered, and miss that chance to explore something new.

I know, Bicton Baths has been there for decades...but it's new to us, and that's what makes finding these little places amazing. It reinvigorates you and makes you want to find more. Makes you question what else is out there i don't know about and gives you that desire to keep on discovering.

Tucked away at the bottom of a steep descent down Braunton Street, Bicton Baths has a bit of everything for everyone. The waters are relatively protected from the wash of the passing boats, and there is no shortage of shade for you to settle in for the day and enjoy the city escape, without actually leaving the city.

The waters edge is shallow which the kids love, and the jetty that surrounds provides hours of fun too. Plenty of room for a few bombies!!

With grassed areas and beaches near the river and a playground with BBQ facilities at the top of the hill, we happily spent the day here paddling around the shallows and enjoying what we have in our very own city.

If you've got your own Kayak or paddle board, I'd highly recommend this place if you've not already tried it.  If you don't have a kayak, why not hire one for a weekend so you can discover this and many more great spots along the river this weekend!