Do We Hire or Buy a Camper Trailer?

Where Do I Start?

Whether you’re slightly confused on what you should buy, or you’re fed up with ground tents, taking that next step into camper trailers can be an expensive one. Whatever your situation may be, making the right decision is essential in enjoying your future adventures.

question marksCamper trailers range wildly in price, from a few thousand on a second hand unit, right through to $40k plus for campers that have all the latest gadgets….So how on earth are you meant to make the right decision?

With so many factors at play it’s worthwhile sitting down and setting yourself a budget. Make it realistic and don’t be tempted to spend more on things you didn’t realise you needed until you saw it! It’s so easy to get carried away in the showroom and end up ordering something you really didn’t need….trust me!

It’s worth considering what sort of camping you plan on doing. Will you be the off road bush campers that need to be self sufficient? or will you be sticking to caravan parks and campsites where facilities are provided?

Look around at the different styles of campers available within your budget and get a feel for whats on the market. There are some great bargains out there, but it’s only a bargain if it suits your needs.

What About My Car?tow vehicle camper trailer hire graphic

A big consideration to take into account is your tow vehicle. Depending on what camper you set your heart on, your vehicle needs to be capable of towing it within it’s legal limits. Make sure you double check not only the weight of the trailer, but also the tow ball weight, this quite often catches people out.

Most camper trailers now come standard with electric brakes, alternatively they have a mechanical braking system, but by law, any trailer over 750kg needs to have a braking system. If electric brakes are on the trailer, then your tow vehicle requires a control unit to operate the trailer brakes. Most auto electricians will be able to install these for you, but it’s something you need to take into consideration when looking at your budget; some units can cost upwards of $600 installed.

How Much!Money

How much is your insurance going to cost? Registration? Do you have somewhere secure and undercover to store your camper when it’s not being used? What about returning home after that unplanned wet weekend, do you have somewhere to allow the camper to dry out fully?

All of these factors should be taken into account when looking to buy, along with the million dollar question……How much are you actually going to use it?


Consider this, if you were going to spend $10k on a camper trailer, but only going to use it 1 week a year, over a 5 year period your 1 week holidays are costing you $2000 per week. That’s before you add in insurance, rego and of course campsite fees. You will of course recoup some of that initial outlay when it comes to selling, but the return can vary greatly depending on condition, what else is on the market at the time as well as the time of year you want to sell it.

The Alternativecamper trailers

This is where hiring a camper trailer could work in your favor. A week long break with Camping Culture Australia for example would only cost $525. Not to mention we’ve already taken care of the other expenses too! In addition, all those expensive accessories can also be hired through us too. Leaving $10k+ in your pocket to spend on more important things…..not to mention the extra space in your garage!

Hiring is also a great way of trying before you buy if that is the route you want to take. Got your heart set on a soft floor camper trailer? A small outlay in hire fees for a few days could save you thousands later down the track if you then realise it’s not for you.

Whatever you’re looking at doing, we’re more than happy to have a chat and pass on any advice. We want to help you get out and enjoy the camping experiences as much as we do! If you’re new to camping, why not give it a go and start with a short hire to test the waters; you’ll love it!