For all your PLB, CB Radio and portable jump starting requirements. Are you looking at heading off grid to explore WA and beyond but are concerned about safety. Here at Camping Culture we are always looking for new ways to improve our customers experience, and thats why we have introduced the following range of equipment. These items can be either hired individually, or as part of a larger hire package to ensure that you’re covered in case of an emergency.


PLB (Personal locator beacons)


Head off on your next adventure with confidence with a cutting edge Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) technology with the new 406 MHz SafetyAlert PLB (Personal Locator Beacon).

Ideal for bushwalkers, four wheel drivers, remote camping and small aircraft pilots, the PLB is the ultimate global rescue link for people who want peace of mind in the outdoors.

GPS equipped with a location accuracy of down to 3.0 metres. The GPS receiver is coupled to a chip style antenna which provides high sensitivity together with superior resistance against detuning by nearby objects.

We will obtain further information once booking has been processed, which will be associated with the PLB you hire, this will have key information to assist any search and rescue efforts.

  • Size: Compact, lightweight design
  • Antenna: Marine grade stainless steel, flexible, multi-position
  • Buoyancy: Self buoyant – no need for external flotation aids
  • Strobe: High intensity photo-flash LED
  • Activation: Simple one-hand activation
  • Carry Pouch: Camera style carry pouch with belt loop
  • Lanyard: Detachable with pictorial instructions and whistle
  • Mirror: Supplied with high reflectivity mirror

GPS Specifications
  • 66 channel receiver
  • 5 minute position updates
  • accurate to 3.0m (CEP50)
  • Cold start acquisition time < 35 seconds typical
  • Chip style antenna design, highly resistant to detuning by nearby objects
  • $40 per week, then $5 per night thereafter
  • $350 bond

Personal Locator Beacon