Willowbrook Farm


Once in a while you come across a campsite that you could happily spend countless days just enjoying the surroundings and taking in some good old fashioned country hospitality. Willowbrook Farm is one of those places. From the moment you arrive and are personally shown to your site, right through to your leisurely Sunday lunchtime departure.

Willowbrook farm from above
Tree Cubbyhouse
Front Lawn

Willowbrook Farm is just over an hour from Perth, making it a brilliant spot for that weekend getaway or even a longer stay to really relax and recharge. It certainly doesn’t feel that close to the city though. Once you arrive on the farm there is a sense of remoteness about the place, even though Gingin, Moore River and Perth are within easy reach and great for a days outing should you feel inclined.

The appeal though really, is not needing to explore. Sure there is plenty to see, Gingin is a great little spot to have a wander around and grab some lunch. Moore River also gives you the option of some water activities in the summer months and the Gingin Observatory is literally around the corner. With all these places being so close it really does give you the opportunity to have that chilled out break, without feeling like you’ve missed something that you’ll never get the chance to see again. A refreshing break from our normal exploring getaways.

Feeding Lambs

With no shortage of places to discover on the farm and animals to be fed, the kids usual focus of searching for the nearest playground turned into their own mini adventures of exploring natural cubby houses, watching the farm animals in the fields and generally just making their own fun with whatever was to hand. There was no “i’m bored” all weekend!

Although the evenings were cold when we were there, the communal fire pit was a great spot to warm up and our winter camping favourite of roasting marshmallows over an open fire was the perfect distraction to the chilly night air.

Bill Making Scones
Best of all, on Sunday mornings Bill and Lil offer up a real treat for those not wanting an early departure. Around 9:30, after slaving away in the kitchen all morning, freshly baked scones are served up on the front lawn for all to enjoy along with home made jams and cream. Not only are these among the best you’ll get to taste, it’s also a great chance to meet other campers, swap stories and enjoy those last moments of country live before heading back to the city to plan the next adventure!

We love this place and we’re sure you will too, so grab yourself a Camping Culture Australia camper trailer and get yourself booked in. Check out Willowbrook Farm for more details